In 2012, The Gifted Education Foundation launched in Atlanta, GA as a non-profit, with the mission of producing first generation college graduates and marketplace leaders from low-income communities across America. Billed as a student training and development organization, Gifted sought to increase college access and career options for students who are products of Title I school districts. Our founder, Anthony Flynn, believed that students could overcome circumstances of poverty with the right educational opportunities and a structured system of leaders who could cultivate their talent.

Gifted’s comprehensive approach to prepare students to be successful in college, career and life, proved fruitful through its first few student cohorts. These amazing scholars realized a 100% college acceptance rate and accumulated over $21,000,000 in scholarships. By the end of 2015 Gifted’s college access program was achieving its mission and making history in the process. While these accomplishments were certainly noteworthy, Gifted still desired to impact the lives of even more students and families with its model and methods. As such, the decision was made to formalize its college, career, and life skills readiness lessons into a research and evidence-based curriculum, later known as the Intangibles©.

With the Intangibles© in hand, Gifted shifted away from its original cohort model and began delivering its curriculum to students in schools and other youth development organizations. The response and impact of this organizational move was tremendous. Over the next couple of years, through direct delivery and strategic partners, Gifted would deliver more than 16,000 hours of training to over 1,000 high school students in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Memphis. This momentum further solidified Gifted’s place in the college access and career readiness space.

Gifted always kept it finger on the pulse of the need of students and families from under resourced communities. As such, Gifted’s leadership developed a passion for filling the void of workforce readiness, not only for high school students but young adults as well. To that end, the organization recently pivoted to begin targeting opportunity youth, ages 16 – 24 with the goal of helping them find a job, keep a job, and advance in the marketplace. Gifted added additional lessons and modules to its curriculum to meet the need and serve its new demographic. Through key partnerships with major corporations, Gifted has trained and placed numerous students in well-paying, meaningful jobs that are now breaking cycles of poverty and changing families’ lives. With new corporate partnerships being developed daily, Gifted is poised to be the most accessible workforce and life skills readiness organization in America. Truly, the best is yet to come!

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