I’ve seen tremendous growth in both aptitude, service and especially attitude for all of the original attendees and have been truly impressed by their commitment to improving. They have exceeded my highest expectations. It is truly a special group!

MICHAEL HALCOMBManager, Guest & Team Member Services
Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The students involved the American Explorers/Westside Ambassadors programs, have shown tremendous growth personally as well as professionally. Each student has shown the desire to excel and use the platforms made available to them, through these programs, as catapults to advance in their own personal lives and career goals. As the students continue to use their newly acquired explorer skills in the work force, we have had the pleasure of watching them grow, communicate, and engage with fellow team-mates and work force professionals. The skills acquired in the American Explorer’s programs are proven pivotal to the students professional development and mental readiness for MBS employment as a Westside Ambassador.

MIKE WASHINGTONTeam Member Services Coordinator
Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The team members with which I had the pleasure to work exceeded my expectations. While in the restaurant, many of them exhibited behavior that merit opportunities for great responsibility. As the owner/operator of the Chick-fil-A on MLK, I look forward to a continued partnership with the Westside Ambassadors. The organization helps to build outstanding future leaders.

QUINCY L. A. SPRINGS, IVOwner/Operator Chick-fil-A

The Westside Ambassador program provides support in preparing students for the workforce while building on their leadership, interview and work readiness skills. Many of our Westside Ambassadors are leaders in our school, possessing positive character skills, such as responsibility and effective communication skills.

ERICA CLARK, PhDProfessional School CounselorCounselor for Strategic Initiatives

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