August 2017 Newsletter

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Hello Partners and Friends,

We are excited to introduce you to our first official hire at FedEx i.e. Mr. Roderick Burnett!

This young man has an amazing story. Just a few years ago, he was arrested for reckless endangerment in Memphis, TN. His circle of friends were known for stealing and fleecing cars with the intent of spicing race cars up for competition in the streets. He literally almost lost his life as a result of resisting arrest and racing to avoid being caught by the Memphis Police Department during a chase. Fortunately for him, and now FedEx, his life was spared.

Our Community Liaison in Memphis, Brandy Winton, was responsible for discovering this young man and has been working with him off and on for a couple of years. After bringing him to our first training session together in Memphis, we knew he would go on to do great things with the right grooming and resources in his corner.

In summary, we introduced him to our network at FedEx, worked closely with The Memphis Suit Project to style him and off he went to his round of interviews with the company just a few weeks ago. Out of 10 candidates, Roderick got the nod for a new position in the company’s Tech Repair Center. The opportunities are limitless for this young man going forward. We hope you continue to pray for and support us as we continue to support young men and women like Roderick. Thank you for believing in our work.

Our Team


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