Nicole Plummer


Nicole’s journey has been one of tremendous growth, marked by overcoming challenges. Raised by a single father, she navigated through family brokenness and strict faith-based living to come to a place of balance, healthy relationships, and being true to herself. She is an advocate of personal coaching and mentoring, and does so for other women. Nicole’s passion about the life development of urban youth stemmed from growing up in her native city of Oakland, California. She realized there was a great need among youth for vision, purpose, and personal aspiration. Nicole has been determined ever since to help instill and build these values in as many young lives as possible. Nicole wants to expose teenagers to leadership and other life development opportunities, and has helped bring life change and incredible impact for many of them. Having taught high school for almost two decades and writing extensive youth development curriculums, she now enjoys youth life coaching, creating youth programs, teacher training, and motivational speaking.


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