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Aug, 2016

The Intangibles© Curriculum Now Available!

Aug, 2016 | By |

Dear Friends and Partners,,

What good is it for a student from a marginalized community to get into college or even transition into a career if he/she does not have the intangible skills necessary to sustain themselves long-term? Answer: No Good!

Our team at The Gifted Foundation has created a solution that will contribute to solving the problem of attrition in college graduation and/or career transition for students from low-income communities.

Our solution: The Intangibles© Curriculum is officially available for purchase on our website (! We have spent the last four years working with cohorts of students from across the country, but primarily in Atlanta on the campuses of Emory University and The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). During this time we have seen a number of failures and successes both with students and organizationally.

One of the key learning points was that we needed to create an in-house curriculum that would more comprehensively address the social, emotional and psychological needs of our students in addition to technical needs. Our research has shown us that soft skills are just as important, if not more important, than the technical aspects of helping students get into college, earn scholarships, land internships and transition into mainstream careers.

We are ready to go-to-market! If you know of an educator, community leader, youth worker, parent or anyone else that needs a support system to help their middle school, high school or even college aged student navigate some of the challenges of life outside of the home and classroom, we have the solution for you! Go to the “Products” tab on our website ( to learn more!