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Our Strategy



A long track record of working with students from low-income communities has affirmed our belief in the success that comes from providing transformative opportunities and exposure to break the cycle of generational poverty. In order to effectively support students from low-income backgrounds, our programs are designed for maximum impact in these areas. Our programs and services are designed and targeted to develop students at the secondary, post-secondary and post-collegiate level. At the secondary level we offer:


The Gifted Preparatory School (GPS)

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Just as a global positioning system guides us directionally, the Gifted Preparatory School serves as a guiding tool for students. GPS exists to support students through comprehensive preparation to build a foundation of life, college and career readiness via our Intangibles© Curriculum. The summary of focus areas for GPS include:

1. Life Skills
2. Social Etiquette
3. College and Career Awareness
4. Scholarships and Financial Aid.
5. Relationship Development and Conflict Resolution Skills


The Gifted Mentoring Program (GMP)

The Gifted Mentoring Program will provide students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the Gifted College Access Program with hands-on, experiential coaching through the employment of our Gifted Enrichment and Retention Curriculum. The summary of focus areas for GMP include:

1. Experiential Coaching
2. Training
3. Internships
4. Graduate School Selection


The Gifted STEAM Initiative (GSI)

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The Gifted STEAM Initiative is designed to expose high school and college students from underrepresented demographics to coding, tech entrepreneurship, tech careers and other STEM related career choices. The summary of focus areas for GSI include:

1. The Coding and Start-Up School (DEPTH): a partnership initiative with Tech Square Labs (defined) + Opportunity Hub (defined) designed to increase career options for women and underrepresented minorities in the technology ecosystem. Students participate in a six month and/or one year training program comprised of a comprehensive training in the following areas:  Core Java; Object Oriented Programming; Oracle Certified Associate Certification; Agile Training (Scrum and some XP/Lean); Relational Database Fundamentals; Certified Agile Practitioner (Scrum Master); Java Web Development; HTML, Javascript, Java Server Pages

2. STEAM Labs (DEPTH): students experience hands-on, STEAM interaction through learning labs on high school and/or college campuses. Labs will be comprised of coding, robotics, gaming and many additional options for empowering students with the technical skills needed to heighten their awareness about STEAM career options.

3. STEAM Workshops (BREADTH):  the goal here is to partner with schools to educate students about careers and educational options being offered during and beyond high school with the intention of heightening their awareness and willingness to engage STEAM.