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Nicole Plummer

Nikita FlynnNicole Plummer is passionate about the life development of urban youth. Growing up in her native city of Oakland, California, she realized there was a great need among youth for vision, purpose, development and personal aspiration. Nicole has been determined ever since to help instill and build these values in as many young lives as possible.

While attending Spelman College, she changed her focus from educational policy reform to reforming the minds of youth with a focus on helping teens to realize their potential and maximize it. She has invested her life’s work beginning as a high school educator for over 14 years. During her teaching her career, she mentored students for life beyond the classroom through college planning experiences, by founding service and abstinence clubs, and advising and coaching students in life planning.

She continues her commitment to preparing urban youth for successful life development opportunities through her work at Gifted and is excited to lend her expertise in curriculum and life development. Nicole lives in the Atlanta area with her her daughter and two sons.