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Natasha Robinson

Nikita Flynn

Natasha has over 20 years experience in corporate america where she held various management positions within Fortune 500 companies. Upon taking a leap of faith she has founded These 5 Girls, Inc a non-profit organization for female youth and women. Natasha knows the struggles and the challenges women and adolescent girls face. For over a decade, Natasha has inspired countless women around the world with her triumphant story.

Natasha is dedicated to empowering and encouraging women and youth to maximize their potential. Natasha is extremely hands on within the organization and personally mentors teens and women in various settings. She is experienced in 1-on-1 counseling, trained in small group leadership and has graced the stage to educate large audiences

Natasha’s gentle nature shines and encompasses everyone she comes in contact with. A natural leader, she is constantly teaching the importance of purity, diligence, self-esteem, education and serving others.
Natasha is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and a graduate of Reinhardt University where she received her degree in Business Leadership and Organizational Management. She resides in Atlanta, GA.