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Our Mission

To produce marketplace leaders from low-income communities across America.


To be the most accessible career & life development organization in America


Executive Summary

Strategic Plan

Theory Of Change

Bridging the Education Gap

Millions of youth across America are growing up without access to the educational opportunities that will open doors into their development as America’s next leaders. We are losing an entire generation’s intelligence, creativity and innovation. More than that, we are losing this generation’s unique mark upon history. Currently, more than one-third of the nation’s population is made up of minorities. According to U.S. Census projections, by the year 2042, non- Hispanic whites will no longer represent the majority population in this country, but student profiles at four-year colleges and universities do not yet reflect the changing demographics of the United States. For instance,nearly three-quarters of bachelor degree recipients from 2005-2006 were white. According to the Posse Foundation Retrospective Report, a look at the racial breakdown of those in positions of power in the workforce in the United States also illustrates a significant disparity. Two questions emerge: What’s not happening — in individual lives and our nation’s future — because of this disparity? What if even now, there were a way to recapture the talent, gifts and futures of minority students?

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