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Jul, 2016

A Rising Star from Princeton University

Jul, 2016 | By |

tech_aa_girl“Dear Partners,My name is Janet Adelola and I am a rising senior at Princeton University. I study Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, with a minor in African American Studies. This summer, I have had the privilege of being an apprentice of Anthony through the Praxis Future Founders Program. As an apprentice, I’ve been able to function more than a typical intern by sitting in on most of Anthony’s meetings and by having real, in-depth conversations with Anthony, granting me full exposure to the world of entrepreneurship. Being able to experience this firsthand has taught me valuable lessons about the drive and work ethic required of being a CEO/founder and the necessity of work-life balance.

Furthermore, I’ve been able to experience a small taste of Gifted’s programs by assisting in the planning and teaching of the Intangibles© curriculum and by experiencing the mentorship of Anthony. Unbeknownst to me, growing up in poverty has enabled me to develop habits and mindsets that would have become hindrances to my ability for great success. This new self-awareness has made me more critical of my growth and cognizant of the steps that I need to take to reach my full potential. It has given me the confidence I need to actually believe in myself. This time has significantly impacted me and my development, an essential step as I prepare for my final year at Princeton and the beginning of my career.

As a low-income student, I identify strongly with Gifted’s target audience. I know these students, just like me, can and will benefit greatly from Gifted’s programs. It is why I resonate so deeply with their mission and vision. I will forever be grateful for my time here and am excited for the continued impact Gifted will make in the world and specifically, the marketplace.”