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April 2015 -

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Apr, 2015

A Gifted Success Story: Antwarn Sanders

Apr, 2015 | By |

At Gifted, we’re proud of the work we do because of stories like Antwarn’s.

It’s the daily journey of our students that is the true essence of why Gifted exists.

As an exemplary story, Antwarn Sanders is in the graduating class of 2015 and will attend Texas A&M in the fall on a full scholarship. He is both a Gates Millennium and Posse Foundation Scholar.

Yet, the odds were completely stacked against him. Take a look at his story and you will learn why your support is so critical.

Antwarn, like many other students, needed access to resources to equip him for success at the collegiate and career level. The work we do at Gifted is critical for students like Antwarn who need our help in breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

Still, Gifted’s mission is to serve the needs of the whole student, because we know that life is about more than academics and career readiness.

Every student that participates in Gifted’s programs is equipped with what we call the Intangibles – skills, resources, and mentorship – to position and empower them to accomplish their goals.

We’re an educational foundation that understands the power of creating leaders within the community.

Antwarn’s powerful story will also give you a glimpse into just how Gifted prepares students for success. We provide support in a peer-community environment to position them to become marketplace leaders.

Antwarn’s story is one that illustrates when students are equipped with the right resources – anything is possible.

With each year and each cohort we support, the possibilities for our students continue to grow and their achievements continue to astound us. Among this year’s high school graduating class, we have one Coca-Cola Scholar, four Posse Foundation Scholars, five Gates Millennium Scholars and six Presidential Scholars. To date, our graduating class has amassed more than $8.1 million dollars in scholarships and that number continues to increase. Our students will be attending such prestigious institutions as Dartmouth, Stanford and Georgia Tech to name a few.

In our programs, students like Antwarn are the rule – not the exception.

Thank you for believing in and investing in our work! We invite you to spread the word about Gifted, to further our mission to produce marketplace leaders from low-income communities all across America.

With your help, we will.