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January 2015 -

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Jan, 2015

Happy National Mentoring Month!

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January is National Mentoring Month! In the spirit of celebrating this month, I would like to remind you that you undoubtedly would not be where you are today without the support and positive influence of a mentor, educator, coach, family, friends and other loved ones who invested in you. At Gifted, we understand the value of having the ongoing support of positive adult leaders and will be sure to continue to provide that level of support to our students. There are varieties of ways for us to do so in 2015:

Gifted Preparatory School:
• Since September of 2014, we have already impacted more than 600 students in the Atlanta metro area via our Intangibles© Curriculum, which is designed to enhance the life, college and career skills of high school students predominantly from low-income communities.
• We have several public high schools in metro Atlanta that have asked us to train their entire staff and they have already begun implementing our curriculum in their schools.
• By the end of 2015, we will impact thousands of students in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Memphis, TN. We are excited about how this process is unfolding!

College And Career Access:
• By May of 2015, the students we serve via our College and Career Access Program will have generated more than $15,000,000 in scholarships
• We are launching a “Coding Academy” in partnership with The Opportunity Hub and The Iron Yard and have every intention to continue to close the gap on the disparity of women and underrepresented minorities in S.T.E.M. related careers
• We will also launch a couple of additional pilot groups that will also provide options for students from low-income communities that might not fall into the category of a “traditional” college student

College Mentoring Program:
• We will continue to provide mentorship to the first two cohorts of students we sent off to college during our beta testing years. More than 80% of them are still being closely mentored by us and we have every intention of following them even through the early stages of their career.
• Our goal is to begin cultivating relationships with corporate and community partners that will provide internships and career options for these students. In fact, if you can offer support in this arena, we welcome it! We need your help!

We believe this is just the beginning. We like to end our monthly news with a call to action for our readers. This month we have a special opportunity for you to carry the impact of Gifted with you–literally. You can buy a tumbler and change a life with our new special education Gifted tumblers. For $25, you can buy one tumbler and provide 60 days of mentorship for a student. Buy five tumblers for $125 and your gift of mentorship lasts an entire year. So will you join me in transforming lives? I’m counting on you. Until next month!

With Gratitude,
Anthony M. Flynn